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Designer bags are a luxury and dream owned by many women. Today is your chance to live out your dream and bring home one of the finest luxury handbags and purses.

Gone are the days when there were only limited products with stereotypical designs on the market. As fashion technology evolves, many bags are uniquely designed to appeal to anyone and get them to buy. From celebrities to working women, it's a privilege to flaunt designer bags and make a style statement. Not only that, but designer bags also add to the appeal of dresses, taking it to a whole new level.

Who would deny a specially designed and unique bag? Today is a big day for you as you finally get to add the long-awaited bags and purses to your cart and finally seal the deal.

Types of Designer Bags
Buying a designer bag is as good as an investment, and you should know what you want before spending a fortune on it. There are so many options to choose from. Of course, it would be great if you could have it all, but if you need to zero in on several types, make sure you know the most popular options. Read on to learn about some of the most fashionable types of designer bags.

1. Shoulder bag

Yes, this is definitely the most common type of bag you see. You can even see celebrities showing off their luxurious shoulder bags in paparazzi snaps. This bag style is perfect for when you want to combine style with utility. If you want, you can look good while taking your world with you. They come in different sizes and you can choose from a range of options.

Depending on the designer replica handbags brand you choose, the price of the bag will vary. It can be your go-to bag, from ordinary must-haves to stylish accessories for cocktail dinners.

2. Handbags

Tote bags have been around for a long time and ladies just embellished them. Why don't they? They feature quirky, stylish designs that fit most outfits. Luxury fashion brands around the world are also pouring their creativity into these bags by experimenting with colors, textures, materials and styles. These bags are usually large and rectangular. They may also have open tops, sometimes with zippers, making them perfect for the workplace.

You can take them anywhere without worrying about little space in your bag. These bags are a favorite of modern fashionistas as well as the not-so-fashionable tribe of women.

3. Messenger Bag

Crossbody bags are a trend that can be paired with casual and sophisticated occasional looks. You just need to have an eye for fashion to match it with the right outfit. Going out for a coffee with friends? Hang it over your shoulders and free your hands. You can ride your bike in it without worrying about dropping it along the way. It can store your smaller essentials. Often, you can't live without things, from your phone to money.

It's the best type of bag when you have to carry a bag with you without taking it too seriously.

4. Satchel

There are some basic differences between satchels, handbags and handbags. First, the satchel is sturdy, with a pair of short handles and shoulder straps. The top of the bag does not open like a handbag. The satchel replicates the style of vintage bags used to carry books and other items or a doctor's bag.

However, they are very feminine and are more suitable for occasions such as formal dinners or corporate gatherings. The best thing about a satchel is to carry it on your shoulder or in your hand, whichever suits you better.

5. Clutch

Clutches can be as stylish or unpretentious as you like. Most women can't live without a clutch. They can be carried individually or in larger bags. Although smaller in size, these bags come with plenty of slots for your money and cards. There is also a section for cell phones, coins and other smaller items. They are usually used for women's purse purposes.

However, famous designer brands are experimenting with new styles on bags. You can choose a clutch with or without a shoulder strap. Clutch sizes also vary slightly, but are usually no larger than an A4 size paper. Additionally, designer brands are developing unique ways to make these bags, using different materials and finishes.

6. Bucket

After a brief hiatus, bucket bags are back in fashion. Its classic design is perfect for casual outings. While keeping the basic shape and type the same, designers have produced different versions of the bucket bag to follow the trend. It comes with a simple mechanism with a drawstring for opening and closing the bag. The material of the bag can be anything from leather to woven fabric.

7. Duffle Bag

Duffle bags, also synonymously known as barrel bags, can be held in hands or hung on the shoulder with a strap. These bags tend to be highly durable to make up for their lack of definite shape. Some duffle bags even come with long slings to carry them like a crossbody bag. However, while they are not ideally suitable for formal parties or dinners, you can easily take them on a girls' day out or for shopping. They are also useful for short travels when you need to travel light.

8. Hobo

Not sure what to match with your clothes for a casual night out? The Hobo bag is your safest option. They are usually spacious inside which can fit most of your must-haves and have a slouchy design with a pair of handles. You can take it on your shoulder or hang it loosely around the elbow. They can add style to any look very effortlessly. While they are shaped loosely, the rigidity depends on the thickness of the material that it has been made of.

9. Backpack

Backpacks are both stylish as well as have a high functional value. They are your go-to bag while going on a short trip or even attending classes at the university. Backpacks are usually lightweight but have plenty of storage inside. So, you will always find a slot to tuck your belongings in.

As the name suggests, backpacks are worn on the shoulders and they hang on your back. So, you have your hands free to do anything you want. Designer backpacks offer a chic look with a smoother and more delicate finish. If you choose judiciously, your designer backpack can be useful and timeless at the same time.

10. Bowling Bag

The bowling handbags have become very popular for their stylish appeal and rigid form, making them just the right choice of handbag for a fashionable dinner party. They generally feature short handles, meant to be carried in hand. Or you can simply hook it onto your elbow. Bowling bags are mostly made of premium leather and have a timeless charm.

11. Bauletto

If you are looking for some fashionable options in designer handbags, you can go for the Bauletto style. It is a versatile design that goes equally well for intimate parties and daytime celebrations. Like an ordinary handbag, Bauletto's also come with short handles that are meant to be looped around your wrist or your elbow. Inspired by french handbags, this design is available in bright colors and decorative details. The designer handbag brands are also profusely using this style to deliver its growing demands among fashion connoisseurs.

If you have made yourself aware of the top 11 types of handbags available for women, then you are all set to take a plight in the world of luxe and designers bags that you were dreaming of since a long time.To take your style up a notch and to accentuate your state statement with the best fashion accessory in hand, on your shoulders or around your back, you must roll your eyes below and snatch a glimpse of the designer beauties waiting for you to be their owner. Welcome to our website https://www.espurse.ru 

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